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Preparing for the installation of your flooring product

Be prepared to be at home the day of your carpet installation and or repair in case the carpet installer has questions.

Your presence will insure that the correct carpet or flooring product is installed in the right areas. Ensuring you have spare carpet in the event we need to patch or re-stretch your carpet will ensure a speedy installation or repair.

Installation Day Tips
  • Hamill Floors installers have years of quality trade training to become carpet layers! Always insist on only trade qualified and fully insured tradesman!
  • Sometimes our installers may not be able to give you an exact time of arrival but we aim to be on time where and whenever possible
  • We would appreciate it if you keep in touch with your installer to avoid communication problems
  • Our installers are professional carpet layers with trade qualifications so any questions you have prior to the installation they will be happy to answer
  • Its always a good idea to have all your paperwork and plans ready for the installer when the arrive so that any questions or queries can be answered on the spot
  • Installers use tools and techniques that can make the work area hazardous so be aware that you may need to stay well clear of the work area for the day
  • Installing new carpeting is a construction project, so be prepared for some noise and strong odors during the process
  • Make sure your pets and small children are attended to and are in a safe place away from the work area.
  • For people with respiratory considerations or sensitivity to dust and other allergens, it is recommended that they avoid the construction area all together until work and clean up is completed
  • Ensuring all pathways, hallways and rooms are clear of obstacles for our installers will ensure a safe and secure work environment for everybody
The Walk Through
  • Prior to the completion of the installation, walk-through the job with the installer to ensure nothing has been missed and that your total satisfaction with the work is assured
  • Walking through the house with your installer gives you the opportunity to ask questions about final details and clarify anything that may need follow up work
What To Know And Do After Installation Day
  • For odor sensitivity, good ventilation is important so keep doors and windows open to ventilate the house where possible
  • Some of the chemicals and adhesives in carpet can smell for 48 to 72 hours so again good ventilation is most important
  • Questions or concerns regarding products are best directed to your retailer prior to installation in case allergies or other issues need to be addressed
Fixing Post Installation Issues
  • Shedding is a natural part of a new carpet but nothing to worry about!
  • Frequent vacuuming for the first few days should help with lose ends
  • Sprouting is the small tufts or loops that are visible afterwards and are nothing to be concerned about as this is a natural part of the post carpet installation
  • Use of small scissors to trim the loose fibers flush with the carpet's surface is acceptable and will not void any warrenties on your carpets
  • For wrinkles or ripples, a re-stretch of your carpet maybe required

Information on working with licensed carpet and insured layers can be found here

If you are planning on buying carpet, need carpet repair or re-stretching it's always important to engage a fully licensed and insured qualified carpet layer.  Information on how you can check your carpet layers qualifications can be found at the below link.

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