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Showroom Appointment Only

Showroom Appointment Only

Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet re-stretching will tighten your loose or wrinkled carpet and reduce the possibility of tripping hazards.

Carpet re-stretching removes buckles and improves the appearance of your carpets. We do this by re-fitting your carpet around the edges and trimming the excess if needed, removing any waves or wrinkles.

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Preparing for a carpet re-stretch

The best stretch is accomplished when rooms are cleared of furniture. This may not always be necessary depending on the areas being repaired.

 What to do after a carpet re-stretch

After a carpet re-stretch we recommend getting your carpets professionally steam cleaned to help return your carpet to its pre-rippled state.

Dirt will often accumulate in the carpet ripples, or there may be stress marks in the carpet from being in rippled. Once we have stretched your carpet a vacuum may be sufficient but a good steam clean will solve both of these problems.

Common issues with stretched carpet

Carpet that has been rippled for too long may lead to the top layer of carpet separating from the backing (de-laminated). In these instances, we will need to evaluate if the carpet is suitable to be re-stretched. If our carpet layer determines that your carpet is beyond repair, we will help you source a match as close as possible and offer our best rate for supply and installation.