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Showroom Appointment Only

Carpet Repair & Patching

Carpet Repair & Patching

Carpet repairs can prolong the life of your carpet and prevent premature wear and tear. Repairing your carpet often costs much less than buying new carpet.

At Hamill Floors we’ve seen a large range of carpet repair issues including pet damage, burn marks, water damage and permanent staining.

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The most common types of repairs we do to fix these include:


Carpet patching is replacing a small section of worn, damaged or permanently stained sections of carpet by cutting out a good piece of matching carpet and hot-gluing it into its place.

This is often ideal when there is a spare piece of matching carpet available. If you don’t have a spare piece of carpet we can often source a piece from underneath furniture or hidden within a wardrobe.

We provide the highest quality in patch repairs and they are often almost undetectable.

Repairing faulty carpet joints

If your carpets have split, or the carpet has come away from the joining strip we can help by resealing the join.

Sometimes we may also recommend carpet re-stretching where there is a need for extra length.